On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 7:43 AM, Christian Couder
<chrisc...@tuxfamily.org> wrote:
> Of course in the latter case, a command should probably be specified
> to tell which value should be used with the key.
> For example:
> [trailer "signoff"]
>          key = "Signed-off-by:"
>          if_missing = append
>          command = echo "$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME <$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL>"'
> would append a s-o-b line only if there is no s-o-b already.

Sorry, I realize that I was wrong above.
As the default for "if_exist" is "dont_repeat", the above would append
a s-o-b if there is no s-o-b or if there is one but with a different

To append a s-o-b only if there is no s-o-b already, one would need to use:

[trailer "signoff"]
         key = "Signed-off-by:"
         if_exist = dont_append
         if_missing = append
         command = echo "$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME <$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL>"'

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