Carlos Martín Nieto <> writes:

> Hi all,
> This comes as a result of the discussion starting at [0] about
> git-push assuming that a server will always support thin packs. Most
> out there in fact do, but this isn't necessarily the case.
> Some implementations may not have support for it yet, or the server
> might be running in an environment where it is not feasible for it to
> try to fill in the missing objects.
> Jonathan and Duy mentioned that separate patches for receive-pack and
> send-pack could let us work around adding this at such a late stage,
> so here they are. The second patch can maybe lie in waiting for a
> while.

I'll queue these for now, but I doubt the wisdom of this series,
given that the ship has already sailed long time ago.

Currently, no third-party implementation of a receiving end can
accept thin push, because "thin push" is not a capability that needs
to be checked by the current clients.  People will have to wait
until the clients with 2/2 patch are widely deployed before starting
to use such a receiving end that is incapable of "thin push".

Wouldn't the world be a better place if instead they used that time
waiting to help such a third-party receiving end to implement "thin
push" support?

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