Christian Couder wrote:

> Now has_suffix() returns 1 when the suffix is present and 0 otherwise.

Ok.  My only worry is that the function is less discoverable since
its name is so different from prefixcmp(), which might cause someone
to invent yet another postfixcmp.

> The old name followed the pattern anything-cmp(), which suggests
> a general comparison function suitable for e.g. sorting objects.
> But this was not the case for suffixcmp().

It's not clear to me that prefixcmp() is usable for sorting objects,
either.  Shouldn't it get the same treatment?

Except for that concern, the patch looks good.

If some day we invent a type for 4-byte-aligned object names, it might
make sense to do something similar to hashcmp, distinguishing between
hashcmp for use where ordering is important and something like hash_eq
when checking for equality (since I suspect the latter can be made

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