I've converting my Bazaar repository to GIT.

 I've successfully done this conversion and I now want to publish my
source code to github.

  The problem is that in Bazaar, I've commited some big files (63MB &
173MB), but this files are no longer in my project, only in the
revisions files of Bazaar and now Git.

  I don't need this files to be pushed on Github.

  How can I search git history for big files and remove them, or mark
them to be not published ?

I've tryed this solution found on the link in the error:

git filter-branch --force --index-filter   'git rm --cached
--ignore-unmatch giant_file'   --prune-empty --tag-name-filter cat --
git commit --amend -CHEAD

Then I've tryed to Commit & Push from Github mac  application and I
had several network error, and finally get the same error on giant
files (maybe my multiple commit & push did override something, but I
understood that the git rm command would remove things once for

can anybody help me ?
I'm blocked in my dev because of this, I can't share my project with a friend.
I'm publishing here : https://github.com/dev-mansonthomas/crf-rdp.git
(paying for storage is an option as I'm quite fed up loosing time for


here is the error I have using the GitHub application on Mac :
(after that I intend to use Eclipse)

File Ressources/dwr/dwr- is 67.69 MB; this is
larger than GitHub's recommended maximum file size of 50 MB
GH001: Large files detected.
Trace: 8f0259b29260f0c4d7ae4d4ae70e0306
See http://git.io/iEPt8g for more information.
File .bzr/repository/packs/a7bcd6ba235114ab88c80fe8a97adcfa.pack is
178.76 MB; this exceeds GitHub's file size limit of 100 MB
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