From: "Karsten Blees" <>

However, defining the constants inversely is a bit unintuitive (i.e. 1.25 instead of 0.8, 6 instead of 0.166). Perhaps the thresholds should also be calculated once on resize, not on every add / remove.

What about this:

#define HASHMAP_GROW_AT 80

mico-bikeshed adding a code comment...

#define HASHMAP_GROW_AT 80    /* percent */
#define HASHMAP_SHRINK_AT 16    /* percent */ rehash:

map->grow_at = (unsigned int)((uint64_t) map->tablesize * HASHMAP_GROW_AT / 100); map->shrink_at = (unsigned int)((uint64_t) map->tablesize * HASHMAP_SHRINK_AT / 100);

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