On 2013-11-08 23.29, Jeff King wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 08, 2013 at 06:10:30PM +0100, Torsten Bögershausen wrote:
>> Side question:
>> Do we have enough test coverage for htonll()/ntohll(),
>> or do we want do the "module test" which I send a couple of days before ?
> The series adds tests for building and using the ewah bitmaps, which in
> turn rely on the htonll code. So they are being tested in the existing
> series.
> -Peff
You are thinking about t5310-pack-bitmaps.sh ?
If I do like this in compat/bswap.h

# define ntohll(n) (n)
# define htonll(n) (n)
(on an Intel processor, little endian)

then t5310 passes, even if the uint64_t words are written
in little endian to disc instead of big endian.

What do I miss?

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