"Jason St. John" <jstj...@purdue.edu> writes:

> rev-list-options.txt: replace e.g. `--foo` with '\--foo'
> rev-list-options.txt: emphasize, instead of quote, some option arguments
>     (e.g. "foo-option" becomes 'foo-option')
> rev-list-options.txt: force ASCIIDOC escaping of "--" (e.g. '--bar'
>     becomes '\--bar')
> rev-list-options.txt: add single quote chars around options missing them
>     (e.g. --grep becomes '\--grep')
> rev-list-options.txt: replaced one instance of "regexp" with "regular
>     expressions"
> rev-list-options.txt: fix typo in "--no-walk" description ("show" -->
> "shown")
> rev-list-options.txt: replaced some instances of double quotes with
>     their ASCIIDOC equivalent (e.g. """a "-" character""" becomes
>     """a ``-'' character""",


Did you really have to repeat "rev-list-options.txt: " on all the

> Sorry for the messy quoting in the last set of examples in the commit message.

I have a feeling that many of them can and should be turned from
'--opt' to `--opt`.  For example, this original:

>       Mark which side of a symmetric diff a commit is reachable from.
>       Commits from the left side are prefixed with `<` and those from
> -     the right with `>`.  If combined with `--boundary`, those
> -     commits are prefixed with `-`.
> +     the right with `>`.  If combined with '\--boundary', those
> +     commits are prefixed with ``-''.

seems to render correctly at


without this part of the patch.

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