John Keeping <> writes:

> "git repo-config", "git tar-tree", "git lost-found" and "git
> peek-remote" have all been deprecated since at least Git 1.5.4.
> With Git 2.0 approaching, I think that would be a good point to remove
> then completely, which is what this series does.

Probably good material to discuss during the next cycle.

As a totally unscientific sanity check, I asked Google to show these
since Nov 13, 2011:

    [git repo-config] vs [git config]: 136 vs 232

    [git peek-remote] vs [git ls-remote]: 62 vs 133

    [git tar-tree] vs [git archive]: 73 vs 189

    [git lost-found] vs [git fsck --lost-found]: 96 vs 83

So I think 1, 2, and 4 are OK to ship in whatever version that comes
after the upcoming 1.8.5, but we might have to hold onto lost-found
a bit longer.  The command does show a deprecation warning, so there
is nothing to change at this point.

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