Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> Here are the patches that allow transport helpers to be completely 
> transparent;
> renaming branches, deleting them, custom refspecs, --force, --dry-run,
> reporting forced update, everything works.

How are you sending your patches?  The Message-ID's suggest that
git-send-email is being used, but when the patches are ordered by
the sender datestamp, they seem to come out in a random order,
unlike the patches other people send with git-send-email.

git-send-email gives a timestamp to the first message it sends out
and then gives consecutive timestamps, one second apart, to
subsequent messages, in order to make this "sorting by sender
timestamp on Date: field" work. I am wondering if there is something
you are doing differently, and/or if there is something that needs
to be fixed in the version of git-send-email you are using.

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