From: Junio C Hamano <>
> Christian Couder <> writes: 
>> After a look at some languages, Python has "startwith()" and
>> "endswith()", and Java has "startWith()" and "endsWith()".
>> But while we are at it, why not
>> "ends_with()" and "begins_with()"? To me using an underscore seems
>> more consistent with what we are doing in Git.
> Sure.
> I do not think Peff and I were discussing at that level yet to
> debate between camelCase and words_with_underscore.  We were mainly
> talking about what words to be used, which needs to come before the
> final appearance.


By the way Ruby has "start_with?" and "end_with?". So the thing we can
discuss, if we go this way are:

        1) with an "s" after the verb or not?
        2) should we use "start" or "begin"?
        3) with an underscore, nothing or camelCase

My preference is:

1) with an "s"
2) "start"
3) underscore

so that gives: starts_with() and ends_with()

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