On 2013-11-05 01:00, Ramsay Jones wrote:

[Note: I have never particularly liked htons, htonl et.al., so adding
these htonll/ntohll functions doesn't thrill me! :-D For example see
this post[1], which echo's my sentiments exactly.]

That post actually contradicts your statement, as it clearly states
that "someone at Adobe figured out about byte order and there would
have been no problems transferring files between (big-endian and
little-endian) machines... if the people at Adobe wrote proper code
to encode and decode their files".

htonl(), ntohl(), htons(), ntohs() are those "encode" and "decode"
functions. If you or the author of the post you linked think otherwise,
you're misinformed and need to learn what encoding and decoding means.

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