On 2013-11-17 14:43, Kyle J. McKay wrote:
> Sounds like you want to write a 'git-remote-fossil' helper so you
> can do something like:
>    git clone fossil::http://sqlite.org/src

Pretty much.  Or at least something akin to git-svn where one would do

  git fossil clone http://some.fossil.url/path/to/repo.fossil
  # hack hack
  git commit
  # possibly some git-branch, git-merge, git-rebase, git-cherry-pick
  # lather, rinse, repeat
  git fossil push # or git fossil dcommit

I've not played with the git+hg or git+bzr bridges to see if they'd
have a more useful interface that would better map to fossil.  If so,
imagine that's what I typed above ;-)


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