Am 19.11.2013 21:34, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Jens Lehmann <> writes:
>> Am 18.11.2013 17:01, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>>> Jeff King <> writes:
>>>> I found this hard to parse, I think because of the "keeping" (why would
>>>> I not keep it?), and because you are talking about lines above and
>>>> below. It is not as accurate to say:
>>>>   # ------------------ >8 --------------------
>>>>   # Everything below this line will be removed.
>>>> because it is technically the line above that is the cutoff. But I think
>>>> the meaning is clear, and it is simpler to parse.
>> Ok, changed in this version.
>>> I agree with your rewording suggestion....
>> Which is what my last version already did :-)  But it didn't mention
>> that in the commit message, which it does now).
> Oh, another thing. Does this interact with the core.commentChar in
> any way, and if so how?

If I understand that setting correctly the hardcoded '#' characters
must be replaced with the core.commentChar when set. Will tackle that
in the next iteration.
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