On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 7:31 PM, Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Jason St. John wrote:
>> Documentation/git-rebase.txt: add a blank line after the two AsciiDoc
>>     listing blocks
> I'd leave out the above two description lines, since they're redundant
> next to the patch text.

I included that because SubmittingPatches says to do so.

>> Without these blank lines, AsciiDoc thinks the opening "-----" is a
>> section heading and typesets the word "to" as such, which causes
>> cascading formatting/typesetting issues until the end of the document.
> Interesting.  Alas, I can't reproduce this.
> Are you sure it is AsciiDoc that misinterprets the document, and not,
> e.g., the predecessor of asciidoctor in gitscm-next?

I regrettably must admit that I didn't test this before submitting, so
I had presumed that it was AsciiDoc itself.

> Do
>   Documentation/git-check-attr.txt
>   Documentation/git-commit.txt
>   Documentation/git-cvsserver.txt
>   Documentation/git-p4.txt
>   Documentation/git-svn.txt
>   Documentation/gitcli.txt
>   Documentation/gitweb.txt
>   Documentation/mailmap.txt
> avoid this problem?
> Thanks and hope that helps,
> Jonathan

All of the files you referenced appear to render okay except for
git-svn.txt and gitweb.txt.

* Commands | fetch | --ignore-paths
* Commands | dcommit | --commit-url
* Commands | dcommit | --mergeinfo
* Commands | reset | --parent
* Caveats (third paragraph)
See http://git-scm.com/docs/git-svn#_commands and

* This cascades from the virtual host config file example until the
Bugs section.

Based on this and the source files, I suspect the problem lies with,
for example, the predecessor of asciidoctor in gitscm-next.

How do you recommend I proceed? Should I resubmit with just a revised
commit message? Should I incorporate this into a larger patch set that
should fix all of the errors in git-rebase.txt, git-svn.txt, and

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