Am 11/20/2013 12:47, schrieb Alexander GQ Gerasiov:
> 1. I have repository with tree like this:
> dir1/
>       file1
>       file2
>       file3
> dir2/
>       subdir1/
>               some files
> 2. Current branch is B.
> 3. I want to get dir1 from branch A, and save it's content on current
> branch (B) as dir2/subdir1

> So my question is
> How to put into index tree-object with known sha1 and given name?

git rm -r --cached dir2/subdir1 &&
git read-tree --prefix=dir2/subdir1/ A:dir1

Note the trailing slash.

> PS I was able to do what I need when copied files, not tree-itself.
> Just add -r to git ls-tree, and put into index blobs/files, not tree.
> But I'm interested: is it possible to put tree-object into index?

No, because the index does not store trees, only blobs.

-- Hannes
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