On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 06:24:45PM +0100, Erik Faye-Lund wrote:

> > diff --git a/pager.c b/pager.c
> > index c1ecf65..fa19765 100644
> > --- a/pager.c
> > +++ b/pager.c
> > @@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ const char *git_pager(int stdout_is_tty)
> >                 pager = getenv("PAGER");
> >         if (!pager)
> >                 pager = DEFAULT_PAGER;
> > -       else if (!*pager || !strcmp(pager, "cat"))
> > +       if (!*pager || !strcmp(pager, "cat"))
> Hmmpf. It's sometimes useful to actually pipe through cat rather than
> disabling the pager, as this changes the return-code from isatty. I
> sometimes use this for debugging-purposes. Does this patch break that?

My patch should not change the behavior of PAGER=cat, GIT_PAGER=cat,
core.pager, etc. It should _only_ impact the case where DEFAULT_PAGER is
set to "cat" (or NULL), and bring it in line with the other cases.

I am not clear on how you are using "cat", so I can't say whether it is
broken. But if you are doing:

  PAGER=cat git log

that already is a no-op, and that is not changed by my patch. If you
want to make stdout not a tty, I'd think:

  git log | cat

is the right way to do it (and anyway, when the pager is in effect git
will pretend that stdout is a tty, since you would still want things
like auto-color to go to the pager).

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