Am 20.11.2013 22:09, schrieb Eris Belew:
> System: Windows Server 2008 R2
> Git: git version 1.8.4.msysgit.0
> Shell: Powershell V3 (No third-party modules loaded)
> Summary:
>   When specifying a pathspec including a branch/commit, path separator
> characters are not translated. Since tab-completion in windows shells (ex:
> CMD, PowerShell, not unix-style shells running on windows) uses the windows
> path separator, and other git commands work fine with the windows path
> separator, the expected behavior would be to translate for me.
> Reproduction:
>     git diff BRANCH:path\to\file path\to\file
> Result:
>     fatal: Path 'path\to\file' does not exist in 'BRANCH'
> Expected:
>     Normal diff operation
> Workaround:
>     Manually convert pathspec. Examples of working command:
>         git diff BRANCH:path/to/file path\to\otherfile
>         git diff BRANCH:path/to/file path/to/otherfile

That's not a bug, it is expected behavior. "BRANCH:path/to/file" is not
"file on disk" syntax, but Git's syntax to reference a particular object
in the database. For this reason, forward-slashes are mandated; there is
no option to use backslashes in this case.

Backslashes could actually be part of directory and file names in the
database. It would be impossible to check out a tree with such names on
Windows, obviously.

-- Hannes

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