On Sunday 24 of November 2013 19:47:10 Duy Nguyen wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 5:45 PM, Paweł Sikora <pawel.sik...@agmk.net> wrote:
> > i've recently reinstalled a fresh system (fc20-beta) on my workstation
> > and observing a big slowdown on git cherry-pick operation (git-
> > the previous centos installation with an old git version works faster
> > (few seconds per cherry pick). now the same operation takes >1 min.
> What is the git version before the reinstallation?


i've checked this version on another machine with centos-5.$latest
and it does similar amout of stat/read operation quickly (~6s).
this "fast" centos-5 machine has /home on raid-0 (2x500GB) while
my "slow (>1min)" workstation has /home on linear lvm (250G+1T).

so, i suppose that my "slow" working copy crosses disks boundary
or spread over 1TB drive and the random git i/o impacts performance.

the question still remains - does the git need to scan whole checkout
during picking well defined set of files?

> Do you cherry-pick on one commit or a commit range?

single commit.

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