Jeff King wrote:
> I think it makes sense to be able to show it as part of "git branch",
> but the verbose branch listing there is a bit of a mess. Doing it
> cleanly would probably involve refactoring the branch-display code to
> allow users to specify more flexible formats.

Certainly. I'm quite unhappy with the current 'git branch', and am
looking to improve it. Branch descriptions will definitely be useful
to display as well.

> Ramkumar (cc'd) was looking into that refactoring a while back, but I
> did not follow it closely (it looks like some of the underlying
> for-each-ref refactoring is on the 'next' branch?).

The previous effort in collaboration with Duy fell apart,
unfortunately. Currently, there are a few small patches enhancing
f-e-r from the original series in 'next'. Once they graduate, the plan
is to refactor f-e-r a bit so that 'git branch' can slowly be moved
into using its machinery.
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