On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 1:29 AM, zhifeng hu <z...@ancientrocklab.com> wrote:
> Once using git clone —depth or git fetch —depth,
> While you want to move backward.
> you may face problem
>  git fetch --depth=105
> error: Could not read 483bbf41ca5beb7e38b3b01f21149c56a1154b7a
> error: Could not read aacb82de3ff8ae7b0a9e4cfec16c1807b6c315ef
> error: Could not read 5a1758710d06ce9ddef754a8ee79408277032d8b
> error: Could not read a7d5629fe0580bd3e154206388371f5b8fc832db
> error: Could not read 073291c476b4edb4d10bbada1e64b471ba153b6b

We now have a resumable bundle available through our kernel.org
mirror. The bundle is 658M.

  mkdir linux
  cd linux
  git init


  sha1sum clone.bundle
  96831de0b81713333e5ebba94edb31e37e70e1df  clone.bundle

  git fetch -u ./clone.bundle refs/*:refs/*
  git reset --hard

You can also use our mirror as an upstream, as we have servers in Asia
that lag no more than 5 or 6 minutes behind kernel.org:

  git remote add origin
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