On 2013-11-30 13.01, Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy wrote:
> Bug 6530 [1] causes "git show v0.99.6~1" to fail with error "your
causes or caused (as we have a work around?)
> vsnprintf is broken". The workaround avoids that, but it corrupts
> system error messages in non-C locales.
> The bug in glibc has been fixed since 2.17. If git is built with glibc, it can
                ^^^^^^ (Should we name glibc ?)
> -     setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, "");
> -     init_gettext_charset("git");
> +     setlocale(vsnprintf_broken ? LC_MESSAGES : LC_ALL, "");
1) One thing I don't understand: Why do we need to set LC_ALL ?
The old patch didn't do it, or what do I miss ?
See https://wiki.debian.org/Locale :
Using LC_ALL is strongly discouraged as it overrides everything. Please use it 
only when testing and never set it in a startup file.
2) I stole the code partly from here:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <gnu/libc-version.h>

#define STR "²éľÂíɱ²¡¶¾£¬ÖܺèµtÄúµÄ360²»×¨Òµ£¡"

int main(void) {
        char buf[200];
        setlocale(LC_ALL, "");
        printf("ret(snprintf)=%d\n", snprintf(buf, 150, "%.50s", STR));
        return 0;

Then I run it on different machines:

gnu_glibc_version()=2.11.3 /* Ubuntu 10.4, no updates */
gnu_glibc_version()=2.11.3 /* Debian Squeze  ?*/
gnu_glibc_version()=2.13 /* Debian Wheezy */
ret(snprintf)=50 /* All the 3 above */
So could it be that libc is patched in Debian/Ubuntu, and we
can do a runtime check (rather than looking at the version number),
similar to the code above ?

3) The patch didn't break anything here (Debian, Mac OS).

4) Could it be good to have a test case ? Is t0204 good for inspiration ?

5) I can do more testing if needed.


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