Thomas Rast wrote:
> When --smtp-encryption=ssl, we use a Net::SMTP::SSL connection,
> passing its ->new all the options that would otherwise go to
> Net::SMTP->new (most options) and IO::Socket::SSL->start_SSL (for the
> SSL options).
> However, while Net::SMTP::SSL replaces the underlying socket class
> with an SSL socket, it does nothing to allow passing options to that
> socket.  So the SSL-relevant options are lost.

Both [1/3] and [2/3] look good. However, I'm curious about this one:
Net::SMTP::SSL inherits from IO::Socket::SSL, where new() is defined.
In the documentation for IO::Socket::SSL,

  $ perldoc IO::Socket::SSL

I can see examples where SSL_verify_mode and SSL_ca_path are passed to
new(). So, I'm not sure what this patch is about.
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