Jeff King <> writes:

> Sorry, I was not very clear about what I said. I do not think "go get a
> newer gcc" is a good thing to be telling people. But I wonder:
>   a. if there are actually people on systems that have pre-c99 compilers
>      in 2013
>   b. if there are, do they actually _use_ the ancient system compiler,
>      and not just install gcc as the first step anyway?
> In other words, I am questioning whether we would have to tell anybody
> "go install gcc" these days. I'm not sure of the best way to answer that
> question, though.

Thanks. We are at the same wavelength.  I do not know what the best
way to answer that question, either.  Unleashing such a change to
the wild is one obvious way to do so, and it will give us the most
accurate answer, so it may be the "best way" if we primarily care
about the quality of the answer, but we value the experience of our
direct consumers even more when judging what is best, so...

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