When I started learning Git, I spent a fair amount of time
reading Pro Git. I found that it was a 2 steps forward, 1
step back experience. By this I mean I’d learn a couple of
new things but then I’d either read something I didn’t
understand, or else I’d realize that my previous
understanding was wrong. But, once I developed a better
understanding of Git, I went back to re-read the sections
that I didn’t previously understand. I’d almost always think
to myself that if only this word or that phrase could be
changed slightly, the concept would have been much easier to
understand. This happens to me a lot when reading technical

Given that Scott was generous enough to release Pro Git as a
free book with the manuscript sources available at GitHub, I
decided to return the favor by doing a complete edit in an
attempt to improve the areas I had trouble with and to
generally tighten up the text. I’ve fed all these changes
back to the maintainer of Pro Git via GitHub pull requests.
He’s free to decide what he wants to do with them. Meanwhile,
I've published my own version of this book, which I call
Pro Git Reedited.

The PDF version of Pro Git Reedited is at
and the source code is at

I welcome your feedback. Please send any comments to me at
nob...@gmail.com. To make sure I recognize them as
comments about this book, please include [PGR] in the

Jon Forrest

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