I have been using a very basic workflow for branching, features each
in a branch.

My branches would be:
- develop <= Main upstream branch
- feature/* fix/*  <= Feature and fix branches
- master <= Integration of the whole feature and fix branches

So I have now came up with a very difficult task. I just discovered
that one of those branches, lest call it feature/bad, is evil and is
making the integration branch (master) fail horribly.

In my workflow, I tend to merge develop (official updates) into my
feature branches, and them into master.

So now I have the big problem on how to undo all changes from
feature/fix. I have been told that one alternative workflow would be
to revert the last merge and remerge it into master, so that I have
always just one commit to revert if necessary (instead of the
monstrous quantity I have now to).

The workflow proposal should be in order of importance:
- Let me stay up-to-date with develop branch
- Easy to revert in master
- Have a clean history
- Easy to follow

I think I should be capable of doing some sort of merge/rebase
branching workflow to avoid having to do that. I have thought about
rebasing always the feature branches, and rebasing master into all of
them, but it seems pretty strange to me.

If anyone can give any advice, I would fully appreciate!

Javier Domingo Cansino
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