Jeff King <> writes:

> There are a few options I see:
>   1. Drop $GZIP variable, and hard-code the prerequisite check to
>      "gzip", which is what is being tested.
>   2. Keep $GZIP (but rename it to $GIT_GZIP), and explicitly set up
>      tar.tgz.command as "$GIT_GZIP -cn".
>   3. Teach the Makefile a knob to set the value for "gzip" at compile
>      time, and use that for the baked-in config (and propagate it to the
>      test to check the prerequisite).
> I think I'd be in favor of (1). It's the simplest, and we have not seen
> any reports of people who do not actually have gzip called "gzip". Users
> can still override it via config if they really want to.

I am OK with (1).

A related tangent is that we may have to worry about is how/if a
random setting coming from GZIP in the environment (e.g. "GZIP=-1v")
would interfere with the test.  It may be the simplest to unset
$GZIP at the beginning of these tests, regardless of which of the
above three is taken.
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