Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> But even though "--prune=<pattern>" is no longer needed to prevent tag
> nuking, it might be useful to somebody for other purposes, and
> therefore I am submitting it to the list as an RFC.  Maybe there is a
> use case associated with non-branch, non-tag references, like perhaps
> Gerrit pull request-related references?
> Personally, I am -0 on this series.  I think it adds more complication
> (code, documentation, etc) than its usefulness justifies.

I tend to agree.  Even though selective "only prune these if the
other side no longer have corresponding refs" sounds like a great
flexibility as a concept, the user needs to know that the local refs
that match given patterns cannot come from remotes other than the
one that fetch is talking with, which is already too complicated for
the human user to grok ;-) "Don't mix refs from different sources in
a random hierarchy" is probably a good advice and when adhered to
there is no need for such a selective pruning.

> So, if anybody can think of a compelling use case for this feature,
> please make your case!

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