Jeff King <> writes:

> The rollout would be:
>   1. add contrib/mongoose/*
>   2. add test-httpd which links against mongoose, built by default in the
>      Makefile
>   3. convert lib-httpd/apache.conf into mongoose config as necessary
>   4. convert to run test-httpd instead of LIB_HTTPD_PATH
>   5. delete apache.conf, LIB_HTTPD_PATH and any other apache remnants
>   6. default GIT_TEST_HTTPD to yes
> Step 3 is the part where I would anticipate trouble (i.e., finding out
> that the new server does not do everything the tests expect).

If it involves making things not tested with apache, I'd actually be
less supportive for the whole plan.  I thought the primary objective
was to encourage people who currently are _not_ running httpd tests
by making a lightweight server available out of the box, robbing an
excuse "my box does not have apache installed" from them.

As long as a server supports bog standard CGI interface, smart-http
should work the same way with any such server.  For that reason, it
should be theoretically sufficient to test with one non-apache
server (i.e. mongoose) for the purpose of making sure _our_ end of
the set-up works, but still...

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