Hi folks.

currently working on a project based on Moodle (the LMS that got me
into git in the first place). This is a highly modular software, and I
would like to maintain a bunch of "out of tree" modules in a single
repository, and be able to publish them in "per-module" repositories.

So I would like to maintain a tree with looking like


where I can develop, branch and tag all the foomatic code together.
Yet, at release time I want to _also_ publish two repos


each of them with matching tags and code at the "root" of the git
tree, and ideally with a truthful history (i.e.: similar to having run
git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter, but able to update that
filtered history incrementally).

Is there a reasonable approach to scripting this?

Alternatively, has git submodule been improved so that it's usable by
mere mortals (i.e.: my team), or are there strong alternatives to git


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