brian m. carlson wrote:

> Oftentimes people will make the same change in two branches, revert the change
> in one branch, and then be surprised when a merge reinstitutes that change 
> when
> the branches are merged.

Life is even more complicated: if the merge-base chosen happens to be
a descendent of the change on both branches, the merge won't reinstate
the change.

The problem scenario hasn't happened to me recently.  Can you give an
example of how it happens?  Why is the same change being made
independently on two different branches?  I'm wondering because such a
story could make the example in the documentation a little clearer and
avoid having to make the explanation overly technical.

In any event, that the 3-way merge is really just a stupid 3-way merge
(modulo multiple merge base madness) does seem worth emphasizing, so
thanks for working on this.

Hope that helps,
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