Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Thomas Gummerer wrote:
>> git diff --no-index ... currently reads the index, during setup, when
>> calling gitmodules_config().  In the usual case this gives us some
>> performance drawbacks,
> Makes sense.
>>                        but it's especially annoying if there is a broken
>> index file.
> Is this really a normal case?  It makes sense that as a side-effect it
> is easier to use "git diff --no-index" as a general-purpose tool while
> investigating a broken repo, but I would have thought that quickly
> learning a repo is broken is a good thing in any case.
> A little more information about the context where this came up would
> be helpful, I guess.

It came up while I was working on index-v5, where I had to investigate
quite a few repositories where the index was broken, especially when I
was changing the index format slightly.  For example I would take one
version, use test-dump-cache-tree to dump the cache tree to a file,
change the format slightly, use test-dump-cache-tree again, and check
the difference with "git diff --no-index".

This might not be a very common use case, but maybe the patch might help
someone else too. (In addition to the performance improvements)

I'm not sure how much diff --no-index is used normally, but when the
index is broken that would be detected relatively soon anyway.  I'm not
so worried about one more command working when it's broken.

> [...]
>> --- a/builtin/diff.c
>> +++ b/builtin/diff.c
> [...]
>> @@ -282,9 +282,18 @@ int cmd_diff(int argc, const char **argv, const char 
>> *prefix)
>>       *
>>       * Other cases are errors.
>>       */
>> +    for (i = 1; i < argc; i++) {
>> +            if (!strcmp(argv[i], "--"))
>> +                    break;
>> +            if (!strcmp(argv[i], "--no-index")) {
>> +                    no_index = 1;
>> +                    break;
>> +            }
> setup_revisions() uses the same logic that doesn't handle options that
> take arguments in their "unstuck" form (e.g., "--word-diff-regex --"),
> so this is probably not a regression, though I haven't checked. :)

The same logic is used in diff_no_index(), so I think it should be fine.

> [...]
>>      prefix = setup_git_directory_gently(&nongit);
>> -    gitmodules_config();
>> +    if (!no_index)
>> +            gitmodules_config();
> Perhaps we can improve performance and behavior by skipping the
> setup_git_directory_gently() call, too?
> That would help with the repairing-broken-repository case by
> working even if .git/config or .git/HEAD is broken, and I think
> it is more intuitive that the repository-local configuration is
> ignored by "git diff --no-index".  It would also help with
> performance by avoiding some filesystem access.

Yes, I think that would make sense, thanks.  I tested it, and it didn't
change the performance, but it's still a good change for the broken
repository case.  Will change in the re-roll and add a test for that.

> [...]
>> +test_expect_success 'git diff --no-index with broken index' '
>> +    cd repo &&
>> +    echo broken >.git/index &&
>> +    test_expect_code 0 git diff --no-index a ../non/git/a
> Clever.  I wouldn't use "test_expect_code 0", since that's
> already implied by including the "git diff --no-index" call
> in the && chain.

Thanks, will change.  Thanks a lot for your review.  Will send a re-roll

> Thanks and hope that helps,
> Jonathan

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