I agree with Jiang.

We should join translation efforts. And in this case, the best place to do it is upstream.

El mar 10 dic 2013 10:56:19 CET, Jiang Xin escribió:
Hi all,

David find a typo in Spanish translations of Git, and ask me how
to contribute, because he cannot find Spanish translations in
Git source code. To my surprise, I cannot find either.

Later I find out that David using Ubuntu (I use debian instead),
and Ubuntu reinvent the wheel. Ubuntu has its own translation
platform, and releases Git translations not with Git package
itself, but releases Git translations in separate language
specific packages. E.g. Spanish translations on Git is released
in package "language-pack-es-base". This language specific
package includes not only Git translations, but also translations
of over 200 other packages.

URL of Ubuntu translation homepage on Git:

* https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/git/+pots/git

Version of Git in Ubuntu Saucy (13.10) is, but obviously
the translations are based on git v1.8.0 (8 months older than
v1.8.3.2). That's why even Ubuntu provides git translations
in 21 different languages, but only 2 of them are 100% translated.
We (Git upstream) provide Git translations in only 7 languages,
but 5 of them are 100% translated now.

Without context, it's hard to translate well. And contribute to
upstream will benefit to more people than contribute to one
specific Linux distribution.

I cc this mail to Paco, the creator of Spanish translations for
Git I found in this page:


Paco may have interest on David's question.

I also send this mail to Dimitri, the owner of Git translations
for Ubuntu, for reference.

2013/12/9 David Rodríguez de Dios <deivid.rodrig...@gmail.com>:

El lun 09 dic 2013 16:33:44 CET, Jiang Xin escribió:

2013/12/9 David Rodríguez de Dios <deivid.rodrig...@gmail.com>:

El lun 09 dic 2013 15:59:12 CET, Jiang Xin escribió:

2013/12/9 David Rodríguez de Dios <deivid.rodrig...@gmail.com>:

Hi Jiang Xin!

I want to contribute to the Spanish translation by fixing a typo
but I can't find the translation. Where is it?

All available translations are in "po/" directory of Git, such as
po/de.po, po/pt_PT.po, etc. And all l10n teams, maintainers
  and locations of the official repositories are listed in "po/TEAMS" file.

I can't find a Spanish translation either, but there is a Portuguese
translation and the maintainer is Marco Sousa.

I don't know how much differences between Spanish and Portuguese.
Maybe the typo you found is belongs to "po/pt_PT.po"?

No way... My "git" is translated into Spanish, that's why it
surprises me that the translation is not there...

What's your platform? version of your platform? git --version?
And what's the output message (with the typo you found)?
Maybe we could "git grep" in Git source code or google the output


$ uname -a
Linux pantani 3.11.0-14-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 12 17:07:40 UTC
2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

$ git --version
git version

$ locale

I've downloaded git sources with
$ apt-get source git
$ apt-get source git-core

and grep the string, nothing. I've also forked the git repo and grep
and nothing either.

The message is
msgid ""
"  (use \"git checkout -- <file>...\" to discard changes in working

Oh, and the incorrect message I'm getting is

#   (use «git checkout -- <archivo>...« para descartar cambios en le
directorio de trabajo)

El lun 09 dic 2013 16:45:17 CET, David Rodríguez de Dios escribió:

Jiang Xin
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