Monte Goulding <> writes:

> Before I go ahead and look at what needs to be done for a patch I
> thought it would be polite to ask if there is any reasoning behind
> the trailing slash rule that I'm missing? Or if you are interested
> in changing this behavior at all.

The log messages of the two commits you cited in your message says
that "refs/a/b/* should not match refs/a/b1, but the old code
mistakenly allowed to".  As long that fix is not broken, allowing
"refs/a/b*" to match "refs/a/b1" is OK, I would think.

But it is debatable if such a change should allow "refs/a/b*" to
match "refs/a/b/2".  Arguments can be made in both ways, and my
knee-jerk reaction is it shouldn't.
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