Paulo Matos <> writes:

> Note how there are changes that are not part of the cherry-picked
> patch outside of the conflicting zone. This is trouble some because it
> means that when I go in to fix a patch and look only at the
> conflicting zone, I will have code outside the zone, that are _not_
> part of the patch modified as well.

My suspicion (I am too lazy to try it myself ;-) is that your
addition of a line "myport_hook()" was done to a section of code
that was modified between the original you added the line to and the
target you are trying to cherry-pick your change (that will
inevitably cause conflicts and you cannot avoid that), and the
post-processing done to make the three-way merge result more
readable are ejecting common changes out of the conflicted region.

Perhaps immediately after "cherry-pick" stopped and asked your help
to resolve the conflicts, running

        $ git checkout --conflicts=diff3 gcc/tree-ssa-threadedge.c

and looking at the file again may show you what is going on better.
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