Matthew Ogilvie <> writes:

> Allow using --squash with "git subtree split --rejoin".  It
> will still split off (and save to --branch) the complete
> subtree history, but the merge done for the "--rejoin" will
> be merging a squashed representation of the new subtree
> commits, instead of the commits themselves (similar to
> how "git subtree merge --squash" works).
> Signed-off-by: Matthew Ogilvie <>
> ---
> I can think of a couple of possible objections to this patch.
> Are these (or any others) worth fixing?
> 1. Perhaps someone want the saved subtree (--branch) to have
>    a squashed representation as well, as an option?  Maybe we
>    need two different --squash options?  Something
>    like "--rejoin-squash"?
> 2. It could definitely use some automated tests.  In fact,
>    pre-existing --squash functionality is hardly tested at
>    all, either.
>       See patch 4 comments for a script I use to help with
>    mostly-manual testing.

As I am totally uninterested in "git subtree" (sorry!), I'll queue
these three patches as-is so that others who are interested and
motivated to work on polishing it can take a look at them more

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