Shilong Wang <> writes:

> A power off cause my top commit broken, and then git
> branch/log/reflog..etc won't work.

With a bit of luck, the reflog actually contain useful information. Look
at .git/logs/HEAD (or refs/heads/* instead of HEAD for branches'
reflog). It's a human-readable text format. You should be able to walk
up the history looking for a good commit.

> I do a hack that

Before anything else: do a backup of your full repository while it's
still time.

> i change the HEAD commit to the one that i can make sure is right,

(don't forget to run "git fsck" to make sure that not only the commit
but also its ancestry is right).

> In fact, i hope git fsck can fix up such problems(maybe can backup top
> commit for example)...

Not as far as I know. But "git fsck" has a --lost-found option that can
help recovering unreachable (dangling) commits.

You may have a look at but
I do not think it would solve your particular case.

Matthieu Moy
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