Christian Couder <> writes:

> Here is version 3 of a patch series to improve the way
> sha1_object_info_extended() behaves when it is passed a
> replaced object. The idea is to add a flags argument to it
> in the same way as what has been done to read_sha1_file().


Will take a look again (in the meantime, will queue on 'pu').

I do not think the new name for the bit is necessary nor it is a
good change, though.  Given an object name, reading the data and
inspecting the metadata (i.e. type and size) should yield consistent
results, so the original name is a perfectly appropriate name that
means "use the replacement object when using read-sha1-file and
friends to ask about an object".  The use of the replacement object
happens to be implmented via lookup-replace-object helper, but that
is an implementation detail of _how_ it is done, not the high level
descroption of _what_ the callers want to see done.

But that is just a minor nit.
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