You should have copied Paul, gitk maintainer. I think Junio only pulls
gitk patches from him, not random ones on the list. +Paul as I have
something to say about gitk itself, not just the translations.

2013/12/14 Tran Ngoc Quan <>:
> +#: gitk:494 gitk:4429
> +msgid "Reading commits..."
> +msgstr "Đang đọc các lần chuyển giao..."
> +
> +#: gitk:497 gitk:1635 gitk:4432
> +msgid "No commits selected"
> +msgstr "Chưa chọn các lần chuyển giao"
> +
> +#: gitk:1738
> +msgid "No commit information available"
> +msgstr "Không có thông tin về lần chuyển giao nào"

I'd rather keep "commit" untranslated until we find a Vietnamese word
that fits the concept. I see you keep "commit" in many strings down,
perhaps keep them here too for consistent?

> +#: gitk:2066
> +msgid "File"
> +msgstr "Chính"

This keeps bugging me. Why do GUI apps always name the first menu
"File" even if it has nothing to do with files? Should gitk rename
"File" to "General", "Main" or something?

> +#: gitk:2287 gitk:4757 gitk:6621
> +msgid "IgnCase"
> +msgstr "BquaHt"
> +
> +#: gitk:2287 gitk:4639 gitk:4755 gitk:6617
> +msgid "Regexp"
> +msgstr "BTCQ"

This is in a drop box whose width is auto adjusted to fit the text. I
think you could translate as if the original strings are "Ignore case"
and "Regular expression" (and perhaps gitk should update "IgnCase" to
"Ignore Case" as well)

> +#: gitk:2291 gitk:4774 gitk:6684 gitk:7220
> +msgid "Committer"
> +msgstr "Người chuyển giao"

"Người commit" may be more inline if you keep "commit" unstranlated.

> +#: gitk:2330
> +msgid "Diff"
> +msgstr "Diff"

"So sánh" maybe?

> +#: gitk:3991
"> +msgid "Committer:"
> +msgstr "Người gửi:"

Inconsistent with the previous translation above.

> +#: gitk:11235
> +#, tcl-format
> +msgid "Maximum graph width (% of pane)"
> +msgstr "Độ rộng biểu đồ tối đa (% của bảng hiển)"

Not sure what "bảng hiển" means, perhaps "bảng" is enough?

> +#: gitk:11341
> +msgid "Main font"
> +msgstr "Cỡ phông chữ chính"

Remove "Cỡ"? There's no "size" in the original string.
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