Adam Spiers <> writes:

>> Somebody take the ownership of the area, if David Green who earlier
>> volunteered to do so and worked on it needs help reviewing, helping
>> polishing and giving thumbs-up on the patches, perhaps?
> I *may* be able to help a bit in the coming weeks, given that it's
> reasonably likely I'll be using git-subtree for professional reasons.
> However I'm not clear from the above whether you're suggesting that
> someone should take over ownership from David, or merely help him?

I'll leave that between you and David, and possibly other people who
are interested in advancing "git subtree" who may volunteer.

> And in either case, what would be your criteria and process for
> accepting patches, given that ultimately you're still in control of
> the repository?

I'd imagine for the first few rounds of patchsets I'll be picky
about styles and design, but once whoever eventually becomes the
volunteer subarea maintainer (perhaps you) demonsrates that s/he has
good enough motivation and taste to keep the codebase clean and user
experience consistent, I'd delegate more and more decision what to
include and reject to that subarea maintainer, just like any
material in the contrib/ area.
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