Gunnar Strand <> writes:

> The patch submission document has an inconsistency regarding who should be
> "To" and "Cc" for approved patches:
> To maintainer, cc list:
> 212 After the list reached a consensus that it is a good idea to apply the
> 213 patch, re-send it with "To:" set to the maintainer [*1*] and "cc:" the
> 214 list [*2*] for inclusion.
> To list, cc maintainer:
> 339  (4) The list forms consensus that the last round of your patch is
> 340      good.  Send it to the list and cc the maintainer.

Thanks. In the latter, they are swapped.

Perhaps the whole section can be dropped?  Back when the section was
written, the top section did not describe the review iteration and
lines 212-214 you quoted above did not exist, but the top section of
the current document already cover everything in the "ideal patch
flow" section, I think.
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