Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com>:
> Errr... doesn't cvs-fast-export support --export-marks=<file> to save
> progress and --import-marks=<file> to continue incremental import?

No, cvs-fast-export does not have --export-marks. It doesn't generate the
SHA1s that would require. Even if it did, it's not clear how that would help.

> I would check it in cvs-fast-export manpage, but the page seems to
> be down:
>   http://isup.me/www.catb.org
>     It's not just you! http://www.catb.org looks down from here.

Confirmed.  Looks like ibiblio is having a bad day.  I'll file a bug report. 

> > Fortunately, incremental dump is trivial to implement in the output
> > stage of an exporter if you have access to the exporter source code.
> > I've done it in two different exporters.  cvs-fast-export now has a
> > regression test for this case
> This is I guess assuming that information from later commits doesn't
> change guesses about shape of history from earlier commits...

That's the "stability" property that Martin Langhoff and I were discussing

cvs-fast-export conversions are stable under incremental
lifting providing a commitid-generating version of CVS is in use
during each increment.  Portions of the history *before the first
lift* may lack commitids and will nevertheless remain stable through
the whole process.

All versions of CVS have generated commitids since 2004.
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