Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> I'm not sure about the deadlock though. Both read and write will wait
> for each other to start operating on the fifo.

It is true only if the fifo already exists.  That is, if you did

        a lot of &&
        commands &&
        before &&
        mkfifo fifo &&
        feed >fifo &

        git diff -Ofifo
the consumer may attempt to open and read fifo when the other
process is still running a lot of commands, no?

> You can probably fix the &&-chain by doing something like:
>     mkfifo order_fifo && {
>         cat order_file_$i >order_fifo &
>         git diff -O order_fifo --name-only HEAD^..HEAD >actual
>     } && ...
> Also, "rm -f order_fifo" should probably be done in test_when_finished
> rather than at the beginning of the test.
> Antoine,
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