Am 09.12.2013 15:03, schrieb Karsten Blees:
> 3.) Inject individual fields via macro
> Instead of injecting a struct hashmap_entry, which implies alignment to 
> sizeof(struct hashmap_entry), we could inject the individual fields, e.g.
>  #define HASHMAP_ENTRY_HEADER struct hashmap_entry __next; unsinged int 
> __hash;
>  struct name_entry {
>    int namelen;
>    char *name;
>  };

I've tried this as well. However, the change is much more intrusive, and 
produces lots of strict-aliasing warnings in GCC 4.4, probably due to this bug 
[1]. So I don't think its a good solution. For anyone interested, the patch can 
be found at [2].


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