On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 11:35:34AM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> This function is called to remove
>  * Any tmp_* found directly in .git/objects/
>  * Any tmp_* found directly in .git/objects/pack/
>  * Any tmp_obj_* found directly in .git/objects/??/
> and shares the same expiration logic with prune_object().  The only
> difference from the other function is what the file is called in
> dry-run or verbose report ("stale temporary file" vs "<sha-1> <typename>").
> We may want to rename it to prune_tmp_file(); its usage may have
> been limited to an unborn loose object file at some point in the
> history, but it does not look that way in today's code.

Yes, certainly the rename makes sense (and I think the history is as you
mentioned). I noticed the similarity between the two, as well. It might
be simple to refactor into a single function.

> > -                   prune_object(path, de->d_name, sha1);
> > +                   strbuf_addf(path, "/%s", de->d_name);
> > +                   prune_object(path->buf, sha1);
> > +                   path->len = baselen;
> This is minor, but I prefer using strbuf_setlen() for this.

Good catch. I do not think it is minor at all; my version is buggy.
After the loop ends, path->len does not match the NUL in path->buf. That
is OK if the next caller is strbuf-aware, but if it were to pass
path->buf straight to a system call, that would be rather...confusing.

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