I'm thinking about using Git for web application deployment and thought that I 
wouldn't even need to checkout a worktree if I could access the bare git repo 
via fuse.

What would be the performance impact? Once the files are in the filesystem 
it shouldn't matter anymore, how fast the git fuse layer is, should it?

Do you know any active and stable git-fuse project? 

a) https://github.com/davesque/gitfuse
Python, last  commit 1 year ago

b) https://github.com/mfontani/git-fuse-perl
Perl, last commit 3 years ago

thesis, OCaml, last touched in 2009

d) https://github.com/rossbiro/GitFS
Python, recent but declared pre-alpha

e) https://github.com/patrickhaller/git-fs
C, last commit 2 years ago

f) https://github.com/wereHamster/gitfs
C, last commit 2 years ago


Thomas Koch2
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