Jeff King <> writes:

>   /* here we care if we saw the prefix, as above */
>   if (parse_prefix(foo, prefix, &the_rest))
>       ...
>   /*
>    * and here we do not care, and just want to optionally strip the
>    * prefix, and take the full value otherwise; we just have to ignore
>    * the return value in this case.
>    */
>   parse_prefix(foo, prefix, &foo);

Sounds fine.  I recall earlier somebody wanting to have a good name
for this thing, and I think foo_gently is *not* it (the name is
about adding a variant that does not die outright to foo that checks
and dies if condition is not right).  

        starts_with(foo, prefix);
        strip_prefix(foo, prefix, &foo);

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