On Sat, Dec 07, 2013 at 05:51:43PM +0100, Thomas Rast wrote:

> Jeff King <p...@peff.net> writes:
> > +test_perf 'simulated fetch' '
> > +   have=$(git rev-list HEAD --until=1.week.ago -1) &&
> This will give you HEAD if your GIT_PERF_LARGE_REPO hasn't seen any
> activity lately.  I'd prefer something that always takes a fixed commit,
> e.g. HEAD~1000, keeping the perf test reproducible over time (not over
> changing GIT_PERF_LARGE_REPO, of course).

Good point. I just did a "git pull" on the kernel before my tests, but
of course the same test with my 3-week-stale repo would be a lot less

I tried to figure out what is the right N for HEAD~N to represent a
week's worth of commits. It turns out the kernel is really bursty
depending on where they are in the cycle. Sometimes N is 50, and
sometimes 200. I'm picking 100. It doesn't have to be a week; the main
goal was to approximate "here's how it performs if you don't repack for
a week", so anything in the ballpark is fine.

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