On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 08:56:51AM -0500, Jeff King wrote:

> Interdiff is below.
>   [01/23]: sha1write: make buffer const-correct
>   [02/23]: revindex: Export new APIs
>   [03/23]: pack-objects: Refactor the packing list
>   [04/23]: pack-objects: factor out name_hash
>   [05/23]: revision: allow setting custom limiter function
>   [06/23]: sha1_file: export `git_open_noatime`
>   [07/23]: compat: add endianness helpers
>   [08/23]: ewah: compressed bitmap implementation
>   [09/23]: documentation: add documentation for the bitmap format

By the way, the patches are identical up through 09/23. I think the
first one is already merged into another topic, too, so it may be worth
building on that instead of re-applying.

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