On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:
>>> I am not happy with the choice of "main/HEAD" that would squat on a
>>> good name for remote-tracking branch (i.e. s/origin/main/), though.
>>> $GIT_DIR/COMMON_HEAD perhaps?
>> It's not just about HEAD. Anything worktree-specific of the main
>> checkout can be accessed this way, e.g. main/index,
>> main/FETCH_HEAD.... and it's not exactly "common" because it's
>> worktree info. Maybe 1ST_ as the prefix (e.g. 1ST_HEAD, 1ST_index...)
>> ?
> Do we even need to expose them as ref-like things as a part of the
> external API/UI in the first place?  For end-user scripts that want
> to operate in a real or borrowing worktree, there should be no
> reason to touch this "other" repository directly.  Things like "if
> one of the wortrees tries to check out a branch that is already
> checked out elsewhere, error out" policy may need to consult the
> other worktrees via $GIT_COMMON_DIR mechanism but at that level we
> have all the control without contaminating end-user facing ref
> namespace in a way main/FETCH_HEAD... do.

No, external API/UI is just extra bonus. We need to (or should) do so
in order to handle $GIT_COMMON_DIR/HEAD exactly like how we do normal
refs. Given any ref, git_path(ref) gives the path to that ref,
git_path("logs/%s", ref) gives the path of its reflog. By mapping
special names to real paths behind git_path(), We can feed
$GIT_COMMON_DIR/HEAD (under special names) to refs.c and it'll handle
correctly without any changes for special cases.

> You said
>     This makes it possible for a linked checkout to detach HEAD of
>     the main one.
> but I think that is misguided---it just makes it easier to confuse
> users, if done automatically and without any policy knob. It instead
> should error out, while saying which worktree has the branch in
> question checked out. After all, checking out a branch that is
> checked out in another worktree (not the common one) needs the same
> caution, so "main/HEAD" is not the only special one.
> And if your updated "git checkout 'frotz'" gives a clear report of
> which worktree has the branch 'frotz' checked out, the user can go
> there to detach the HEAD in that worktree to detach with
>         git -C $the_other_one checkout HEAD^0
> if he chooses to.

Jonathan mentions about the "checkout in portable device" case that
would make the above a bit unnatural as you just can't "cd" there (git
update-ref still works).

I don't see any problems with checking out a branch multiple times. I
may want to try modifying something in the branch that will be thrown
away in the end. It's when the user updates a branch that we should
either error+reject or detach other checkouts. I guess it's up to the
user to decide which way they want. The error+reject way may make the
user hunt through dead checkouts waiting to be pruned. But we can
start with error+reject then add an option to auto-detach.
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