Am Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013, 17:14:31 schrieb Drew Northup:
> Git does not use KDE's language packs.

Sorry, I meant ubuntu. I believe I heard before that they tend to replace
upstream translations but I never actually experienced a problem with that.

> What does dpkg report for info about the installed git package (if you
> are using the packaged version)?

Yes, I am using the packaged version. This package does not contain
any translations.

root@s5:/var/cache/apt/archives# dpkg --info git_1%3a1.8.3.2-1_amd64.deb
 neues Debian-Paket, Version 2.0.
 Größe 8034840 Byte: control-Archiv= 15063 Byte.
      34 Byte,     1 Zeilen      conffiles            
    1741 Byte,    30 Zeilen      control              
   32344 Byte,   427 Zeilen      md5sums              
    1570 Byte,    45 Zeilen   *  postinst             #!/bin/sh
    1080 Byte,    35 Zeilen   *  postrm               #!/bin/sh
    2359 Byte,    68 Zeilen   *  preinst              #!/bin/sh
     478 Byte,    12 Zeilen   *  prerm                #!/bin/sh
 Package: git
 Version: 1:
 Architecture: amd64
 Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
 Original-Maintainer: Gerrit Pape <>
 Installed-Size: 17972
 Depends: libc6 (>= 2.16), libcurl3-gnutls (>= 7.16.2), libexpat1 (>= 2.0.1), 
libpcre3 (>= 8.10), zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.0), perl-modules, liberror-perl, git-man 
(>> 1:, git-man (<< 1:
 Recommends: patch, less, rsync, ssh-client
 Suggests: gettext-base, git-daemon-run | git-daemon-sysvinit, git-doc, git-el, 
git-email, git-gui, gitk, gitweb, git-arch, git-bzr, git-cvs, git-svn
 Breaks: bash-completion (<< 1:1.90-1), cogito (<= 0.18.2+), git-core (<< 
1:, gitosis (<< 0.2+20090917-7), gitpkg (<< 0.15), gitweb (<< 
1:1.7.4~rc1), guilt (<< 0.33), stgit (<< 0.15), stgit-contrib (<< 0.15)
 Replaces: git-core (<< 1:, gitweb (<< 1:1.7.4~rc1)
 Provides: git-completion, git-core
 Section: vcs
 Priority: optional
 Multi-Arch: foreign
 Description: fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
  Git is popular version control system designed to handle very large
  projects with speed and efficiency; it is used for many high profile
  open source projects, most notably the Linux kernel.
  Git falls in the category of distributed source code management tools.
  Every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with full
  revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a
  central server.
  This package provides the git main components with minimal dependencies.
  Additional functionality, e.g. a graphical user interface and revision
  tree visualizer, tools for interoperating with other VCS's, or a web
  interface, is provided as separate git* packages.

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